Sunday, January 24, 2016

Personal future trends 2016

No promises, just directions for the year ahead. Lots to visit in this land. Some of it will be destroyed by the slow trample of year tourists, but gaps will survive.

1. More sketching

Turns out a lot of my thinking is structural and then structured, and 1 dimensional text strings are the worst form of structure. Want to ramp up a two-dimensional flow this year, and have resurrected my use of notebooks (more on this soon!) and bought a new digitally biased pen (more on this soon!) - diagrams are the future. Expect more paper of some kind or another. Why isn't this blog post a sketch? Aha, here we go.

2. Tai Chi and the solidity of change

Having been out of class for a few years,  I'm now trying out an online tai chi course. Practising after some time off is always productive - the mind is fresh and newly experienced, and in that perfect limbo between thought and memory, logic and habit. I am breathing. Mixed with haiku and a renewed sense of nomadicism, it is a good time to be alive (inasmuch as any time). Meet strength with weakness, weakness with strength, and gain from both.

3. Less chasing, more style

I want to spend more time doing the slightly hard stuff - for me, that's reading books and writing (or sketching) content I'm proud of. Blogs, photos, haiku are all part of a way of exploring the road, and feels like they should have a life of their own, not so tightly coupled to their origins. A vase should be appreciated in and of itself, as well as where it was made,  where it sits, and what it holds. I need more time and energy to work on this.

Oh, glorious year.

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