Saturday, June 11, 2016

Believe nothing?

Crazy video showing CGI these days.

If we can't trust what we see any more in our media streams, then what do we do?

Option 1 is to turn sceptical detective. Always check provenance, sources, authenticity. What's the link between "reality" and what you're seeing now? Can you digitally sign an authentic capture? Verify against multiple sources. Validate those sources. Run cluster analysis on them for network heterogeneity checks.

It's a lot of work.

Option 2 is to believe nothing. Accept that authentic data capture was a fad, permitted only by a lack of technical progress, and that golden era of "default to real" is gone. "Default to fiction" - everything. News outlets join the ranks of sci-fi writers and surrealist artists. Citizen journalism as collective hallucination.

I'm tempted by this option. Our info feeds are tainted to the point of entropy. What does it mean though? Is it a form of reclusiveness, or of rebirth?

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