Sunday, October 28, 2018

Drag and Buddhism

Shaun Bartone (meet via Mastodon) on drag, deconstructing gender, and the Buddhist mind:

"Dharma Drag adds yet another layer of deconstruction: Buddhist identities are just another false persona, another illusory and empty signifier. Dharma Drag does not disdain the emptiness of the persona, but simply makes visible and overt that the Buddhist identity is nothing more than a cultural signifier that has particular meanings within the Dharma context."

Avoiding a stone-set identity is a key part of opening up consciousness, in any way possible. Real names simply become state names. Pseudonyms simply become labels for a time and place. Physical appearance decouples from mental process. And at the end of it, the mind becomes free to observe and reintegrate back with the world around it, through the fundamental sources which power the whole shebang.

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