Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Walking magics, Batman - What I'm reading

Just read James' South Downs Way zine that arrived in the post (see last post, blog post post) and wanted to add a note here that you should go and ask him for a copy. It's short but so very well crafted, with hints of journeys and lives criss-crossing like ley lines. I know James is exploring some sort of 'magic of walking' theme (in the book, in his broader project, in life, who knows?) and the zine is infused with a real sense of that. Not to be missed.

Elsewhere I'm getting back into graphic novels a bit. Mrs Scribe watched the new Joker film which I sort of got bored of halfway through, but it did make me want to re-read a whole bunch of Batman, and catch all the classics I've never read. So step one has been to order in The Black Casebook and The Killing Joke - the first is based on this Grant Morrison reading timeline, and TBH I don't think I've read the latter, which is exciting but slightly sad. Anyway, I'll hit those up then dig into the rest of the Morrison plots.

And I'm also browsing the Amulet books by Kazu Kibuishi, as I found them on my local library's ebook list. The first two are a good romp, here's a screenshot of one of my favourite scenes:


Friday, May 22, 2020


Getting slack on posting about post. Changing that quickly. Post has become my way of seeing parts of other worlds a little bit, and I'm annoyed I'm not sending more, but there we go. Maybe this post will spark something...

Right: A lovely fresh copy of James' new South Downs Way zine which I'm looking forward to reading.

Left: The wife knows me well, and found this fascinating-looking book on the green man and Britain for my birthday.

Right: Wow, my Jocu Green Man card decks arrived finally, complete with booklet and custom coins. I'm giving the coins to the kids to help them celebrate the Green Man, and I'm afraid to break the seals on the cards, but also want to use them to instigate all kinds of sorcery.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Quick Seaford Head visit

Took the kids for a walk up Seaford Head yesterday... 

It seemed very strange to see so many people around. I've adjusted to solitude, I think. 

Also strange and oddly saddening to see more aeroplane contrails than I'm used to, but maybe that's just the fresh view. 

The golf course re-opens tomorrow, so it'll be harder to get shots like this I guess. 

Good to get back on the paths again though. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday morning braindump

Hey blog, sup? Thought I'd do a random check-in as, somehow, mercifully, weekend lie-ins seem to be coming back into fashion after a decade or something. The boys are playing Minecraft on the Wii U, which proves some things don't change. 

Life is same / not-same, and I'm wondering if the changes have been more profoundly subtle than I have taken for granted so far. In general, nothing has been removed. Yet plenty has been added, and I jump around things - often literally, when I'm wanted on the trampoline or a good tune comes on the kitchen radio, but usually mentally with a monkey mind. 

Some threads going on... 

Home schooling two kids means you're being asked to look at 3 or 4 different mini research areas at a time, in addition to looking after some basic maths and literacy practice. This week we've been looking up Ramadan and rainforests (not been able to factor in a reading of the Vorrh, sadly), life-drawing snails, making up a collaborative cards/2D10 numbers game, making alien maps, etc.

Work seems to have exploded, although I don't think it's virus related. It seems to be more the fact that everyone is looking into a bunch of massively complex and often frustrating things at the same time, pulling out a few roots, and I'm needed in a lot of them somehow. Constantly jumping between devops task wrangling, annual reviews, and company strategy headscratching. Buh. 

Enjoying doing the new Beamspun newsletter, but I've got lazy this week and not bookmarked any links in advance, so going to have to catch up on that this morning. Finding links, checking out links, and even writing a few small but interesting paragraphs definitely not to be underestimated. It's also making me think a lot about narrative and power and storytelling, and I wish I had time for more of that right now. 

Generally I think I'm getting a metric buttload of ideas going through me as everything has gone either weird or disruptive, and my brain wants to turn that into "outputs". I'm even posting to Flickr again, and sending photos to various contacts. I think photography is my goto mode for dealing with things, like my form of therapy - a way to get something positive, reflective and even beautiful out of the chaos around me. See, now I'm thinking about running "photography as therapy" support sessions for people. Shush, brain! 

Also, there are no decent steganography apps for Android, and/or the Web 2.0 does a great job of mangling raw image files that get uploaded? 

I would dearly like to be able to go to the Post Office safely again, so I can offer bigger things and international post on my Etsy shop, which is currently "on holiday". But the PO, with its close-quarter shelves and many vulnerable people in multiple queues, seems like an irresponsible place to go for frivolities at the mo. 

Reading quite a bit (for me) which is really nice. I'll carry on posting updates on Goodreads when I can. 

Last weekend of being 40. Time to get on with being proper middle-aged from Monday. Already got whisky and a red car and a book of crosswords though, so I think I'll just skip to the next stage of full blown Con Club membership and feel young again. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Music 11.5.20

This morning's listening: Catching up on GHOSTS V and GHOSTS VI, released by NIN back in March for free. A bunch of unexpected Monday morning organising needed at work suddenly, so some epic and calming stuff is proper what I need.

Music what reminds you to breathe and see through structures.