Thursday, July 31, 2003

Woohoo! Mr. Blair might have fallen out with Mr. Blunkett, at least on the issue of rapid introduction of "Entitlement Cards":

Thought: Should trust even enter into politics? I don't like the idea that a) we rely upon personality to decide politics, which should ideally be run by reason, and b) we decide how suitable these personalities are by historical "reasoning". I think what I'm getting it is that societal issues should be reasoned and determined according to their own scope, not by who's deciding it, but I need to develop this idea some more.

I need to start keeping a formal track* of things that crop up about the Technology of Politics. For instance, here's one:

"UK e-voting pilots deeply flawed"

For Technology of Politics, an understanding of the technology is first required.

For the Politics of Technology, an understanding of politics is first required, to which technology can then be applied in an abstract kind of way. It's quite simple, the first word takes priority.

* A blog is not the way to do this though. Perhaps some kind of database that keeps "events" as generic objects. Like a catalogue. Then they'd be easily linkable, to plot a graph through time, or something.
FRIST POST!!!!!! Today is magic day.