Friday, August 01, 2003

Hum why can't industries see this kind of thing coming a mile off...?
Blame game starts as Wi-Fi Bubble pops

Look, it's not difficult to work out the potential market, and what people really want (are people scrambling to get their hands on phone cameras and video yet? No.*), rather than putting blind faith in something just because it's new and shiny. Geeks should fall for that, companies shouldn't. In the race to make more oodles of cash, everyone just seems intent on choosing something - anything - and plugging enough money and hope into it to produce something nobody wants, and it's SO ANNOYING.

* The only people go "i want one" is a). the novelty factor and b). because nobody else has one. (This goes for a lot of things, like computers.) I predict that once they're the de facto, nobody will use them. But by then, we'll have phones integrated with washing machines.**

** This reminds me of an idea I set upon yesterday, after having my phone going off while I was having a dump (it's not impossible, just harder, to ignore it). I only want *really* want phones as an emergency thing. However, what *would* be cool is if you had an "sms"/voip portable terminal that could hook into IP networks, via 802.11* gateways, i.e. anywhere with DHCP running. Then you could just find the nearest AP to pick up messages/talk to someone. I dunno, it's kind of less convenient, but I like the less-invasory approach.
Maybe I should just turn my phone off more.

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