Wednesday, August 20, 2003

OK, I think I have a focus now. Up til now, this blog has been just me ranting about stuff I've seen in the news. Mostly. Memefilter-style. However, since joining Brighton Bloggers, I've been wanting to start making it more localised, more Brighton & Hove specific.

So from now on, I'm going to start including thoughts related to corporatism in Brighton. This ties in nicely with another project I have in my head, to list all the "nice" spots in Brighton - all the good cafes worth mentioning, all the hidden away bits that escape the eye of the flashy-logo, anti-Brighton side of corporatism. I think this came about after visiting the Pasty shop up the road one more time, and noting that a). new staff, again. b). one of them was wearing two gloves, rather than the usual one. Plastic gloves annoy me, for some reason...

By all this, I mean to catch *little* things - noting Churchill Square, for instance, is too easy. I mean, any little... creeping, like small, independent shops or puybs getting taken over and changed. Stuff like that. Hell, I dunno, really. Things.

It's something, anyway ;)

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