Wednesday, August 27, 2003


New idea for the Campaign for Smiley Nice Stuff: Whenever you get served by someone in a shop, cafe, etc, and they have their name on display (like on a name tag, or on the til), then use it. "Hi -name-", kind of thing.

Actually, I think that might just scare them, or something. I guess it's supposed to be "friendlier", but hey, if it's there... And there's always the chance that either a). they might ask your name (is that a good thing? ;) or b). it actually becomes too "personal" and the company take the stupid name thing away. PUTTING A BADGE ON SOMEONE DOESN'T MAKE IT AS FRIENDLY AS FINDING OUT AFTER GETTING TO KNOW THEM PROPERLY.

Phew, there.

Maybe I should start a Campaign of Confusion as well as a CSNS.

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