Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Political warnglings [sic] today, despite the heat...

Evidence of evidence might be cropping up, now that all the fuss is over:
Swedes 'find evidence' of Saddam's weapons
Saddam's dirty bomb: Weapons expert David Kelly had proof

What's interesting is that it seems that a fair bit of these were ignored, in favour for less concrete "evidence". While it's definitely easy to jump to the conclusion that the US and the UK wanted regime control, i.e. power over the region, from the start, they're now surely in the position of having to defend themselves against the argument of
a). no reliable evidence
b). reliable (and public) evidence that wasn't presented to the public as a case
The limbo ground between these two would indicate a twisting of truths (as always, this much is certain) to induce the case for going to war, i.e. as many people said, it was unavoidable. I find this infinitely more insidious than any issues to do with the BBC's reliability, et al.

Meanwhile, the media's hounding of the govt about the lack of evidence and the status of Iraq/the entire region (let us not forget all the influences that go on around it) have faded completely from front pages, replaced instead by death enquiries, heatwaves, and Kylie's bottom. As usual, the fickleness of the media - about the only industry that the govt seems to be accountable to these days - plays right back into the hands of those in control. Sickening.

Oh, and rumours of Powell's resignation abound:
Powell calls report of exit 'gossip'.
I give him a month or two, then the real right-wing christian busy-bodies will really rule the nest with him out of the way. He never did really fit in...

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