Thursday, August 14, 2003

Woohoo! Phrack #61 is out! (Actually, most of it over my head, but it makes me look hackery-like. ;)

Been discussing Kidscom over on the e-mint list, and it struck me that in a recent discussion, everyone pretty much agreed that child-chatting-up and kids running off with people was pretty much a societal thing - a breakdown in communications between parent and child, or whatever. But people are simultaneously interested in things like Kidscom, because they are a step towards solving the problem. But this is a technical solution.

Then I realised just how much power the technology is having over our politics - it *is* making new things possible, as it becomes more and more integral to daily life, just as Lessig set out in Code vs Law vs Morals - code *does* have the power to change both Law and Morals - I feel renewed vigour and faith in my art.

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