Thursday, September 25, 2003

Prison Sentences For Faked Cancer


  • Should people guilty of financial crime be put into prison? [Is the role of prison as a preventative deterrent? Or as an area to keep dangerous offenders apart from society? Is "society" in the last sentence different to "their own child"? Do either roles of prison work as intended?]

  • If not, what other punishments are effective? [From all perspectives, including cost to the system of the punishment/deterrent.]

  • Why did they do it? Is this the almost-expected result of a finance-oriented culture, or was something else the motivation?

I think this reinforces a notion I had this morning, regarding the whole "laws vs regulation" thing at the mo. Regulation is much, much more closely bound to education than law-making. Prison is an after-effect, and a dependency on it such as the US has and the UK is heading towards does nothing towards inital education. It is not enough to say "this is bad", we must teach people why it is bad. We are, after all, logical beings some of the time, and if people realise why something is bad, they are much less likely to do it when comparing those reasons against the reasons inherent in their nature, i.e. selfish tendencies.

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