Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Slashdot are reporting that two anti-spam organisations [1, 2] have closed down due to massive DDoS attacks and threats from the spammers.

I, along with most others, doubt the efficacy of laws when it comes to this bit. Is this a case where an anarchistic, "free market" approach to governance of spam should be realised, a la Lawrence Lessig's Spammer Bounty idea. Assuming that the spammers are unaffected by either "regulation" or "law", due to their apparent anonymity and their location independence, is the best way to deal with them to put them into the "Lion's den" of eachand every one of us? There are smart people out there, who can trace these things and report them, anonymously if need be. Or is, as John Gilmore suggests, an individual filter-based approach a "fairer" way, i.e. one that doesn't breach freedom of speech (which spammer bounty hunting invariably does), but investigates "freedom of listening" instead?

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