Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The best thing I'd heard in a while on Radio 4 just now - I'll try and dig a link to the programme out a little later, watch their listen again page - from a man talking with regards to how Iraq should be "built". He proposed the blindingly obvious idea of starting out by working out how to help/organise things on a small scale, and then extend this approach back towards the capital. Yes, dammit! Scalable! Bottom-up! Decentralised! etc etc etc. Scratch everything, start over again, build it up, bit by bit, making sure it's scaling, making sure it's sustainable. Give people a decent quality of life, place an emphasis on education and real self-empowerment - none of this "freedom of choice" misnomer crap - and they won't be so worried about complaining about how much they're not earning, and how much they're being screwed over by big companies.

Anyway, I was so pleased to hear such a thought on prime time radio that I had to make sure I remembered it.

Oh, am back now. Learnt lots last week, including the understanding of David Blaine, the difficulties facing those trying to cram the starkly disorganised realities of council and government into the idealist structuredness of IT theory, and how to like Opera.

Got a thanks note from my MP, but no real follow-up yet.

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