Monday, October 13, 2003

Jakob Nielsen at the BBC

... which coincides with what i was just thinking, about revolutionising my inbox. It's already set up to white/black/greylist. I don't do much filtering, and herin lies the problem.

If i prioritise certain items into filters, then i never get around to reading them. True. It's like my main inbox is a central stream of mails, and anything i take out of that stream i just forget to read. Unfortunately, i've also just subscribed to half a dozen tech security lists, of which at least 1 is high traffic, so that's about a hundred new mails every day, just in my central "stream".

So the problem is - how to "organise" my inbox without placing a number of mails outside of the scope of my consciousness. I'd like to "weight" mails somehow, but also introduce a system that means i don't just forget about them. Maybe the weighting system could use a variety of "filters" to work out the weight, including how old a message is. Older messages that may be of interest would "bubble" to the top of my inbox.

Hmm, a bubbling UI, I like that idea. Rather than a list of mails, how about a "pot"? Threaded discussions could all be contained within a single bubble, and you could just choose mails as you liked... Hmm.

Also, there's an interesting Slashdot article on new anti-spam ideas, including spidering the links the spam points to in order to a). work out if it's spam or not, and b). "ddos" the spammer's site. Not sure about the latter, but now wondering if i can factor in lynx/wget/dns tools to filter my greylist more effectively. Interesting.

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