Thursday, October 16, 2003

>> News round-up...

"The company [Caterpillar] claims the straight-to-video slapstick comedy portrays Caterpillar earthmovers as part of an 'evil attacking army' bent on destroying the jungle." "The company claims the scenes will have a negative effect on children and could affect Caterpillar's line of children's products."

Children should be taught to use the internet "more creatively", rather than spending their time playing games and chatting to friends, a report recommends. Might have to read the report later, but IMHO we should be "teaching" "creativity" in all aspects of life. Or perhaps "instilling creative thinking" would be a better term. We should place less importance on "work skills" - ability to get a job - and more on independent, confident thinking. "How to think", not "what to think". My opinion, anyway.

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