Friday, October 17, 2003

Ooh, free Maya.

OK, been thinking about this aggregation stuff a little. Am thinking something like this...

1. As e-mail clients have HTML integration these days, use my Inbox as the centre.

2. Use Mozilla, or indeed just a Firebird/Thunderbird combo, to add some extra features via XUL. This could even send "feedback" to my mail server that gets picked up via procmail/perl to "adjust" my inbox, in a dynamic filtery kind of way. e.g. "Remind me about this mail tomorrow" would just re-post it to me at midnight.

3. Use that sweet X11 compression system to make streaming the mail client a reasonable idea, even over a 56k modem (must find the link for that).

4. Carry Knoppix around with me on a mini CD in case X isn't available. Can also combine with my new USB pendrive :)

Obviously there's more thought to be put into the mail filtering and aggregating webpages/blog thingies/etc etc etc but that's just a HTML/XML/RSS feed-to-email script which is easy enough.

Onwards! To the future!

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