Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Phil at Blahsploitation writes: "The US wants to feel safer by denying other countries powerful weapons. The other countries want to feel safer by having them. The West wants to secure it's economy and economic dominance by prioritising it's interests in the WTO. The rest of the world want something else."

I've started reading "The Wisdom of Insecurity" by Alan Watts, which ties very much in with the Tao of being supple, and flowing in order to remain strong, rather than, uh, actually being "strong", as such. (Confused yet? ;)

The problem is that the "wiser" religions (i.e. Buddhism) and associated self-reverence are much easier to apply on an individual basis - indeed, that's the whole point of them - but extremely difficult to apply on a much larger, e.g. national/global scale.

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