Wednesday, October 15, 2003

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Just what makes a phone, and what makes a games handheld? Nokia's probably wondering this as sales of their N-Gage thingy haven't met expectations. I'm still wondering about the ups and downs of convergence, and my paranoid caution on the topic stems graciously from a few years working in the Digital/Internet-enabled TV industry, which is (currently) all very, very wrong. Can a phone be a gaming platform? Or are there fundamental differences, either in the design, or even in the perception/need of consumers?


This is just something I need to get off my chest... There seems to be a real lack of seriousness when it comes to "personal energy consumption". This is the category of environmental friendliness occupied by all those people that want to "do something" to help, so insist upon turning electrical devices/lights/ etc off overnight. While the idea is semi-sound, there is a complete lack of perspective here, especially when most of these people then get in their car, drive to work, and use a PC for most of the day, then drive back and watch TV for the evening. Um.. hello? Which part of "energy consumption" do you not get? I've decided that this is just hypocrisy designed to make the "saver" feel good about themselves, rather than make any kind of actual difference to the world. If you really cared, you'd insist upon walking/cycling/skateboarding to work, and you wouldn't come to rely upon electric devices in the first place. Get a grip.

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There's a worrying trend towards companies being able to sue someone for "damaging" their reputation, even if the perpetration was valid. Never forget, reputation is based on reality, not the other way around.

OK, I'm ranted out. Lunch time.

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