Monday, October 13, 2003

There's something quite ... cosy about being part of a "liberal minority" when it comes to privacy issues and the government. The Register
reports that ID card plans may have to be shelved on a more long term basis following leaked letters by both Jack Straw and the Treasury.

Mental Note for future dealings with govt: Argue the case more heavily on cost and practicality, rather than any particular freedoms of liberty matters. It seems to grab politician's attention, which makes sense as people's wallets affects politicians' popularity which, really, is what this is all about.

Of particular moment-of-conscience too, it delves back into the idea of introduction of similar systems through a more decentralised approach - driving licenses, et al - a point which I'm going to have to think about carefully. Is this a better/worse way to do things? Can the same arguments be applied? Is there still an underlying lack of trust/respect on t behalf of the government? Is it less or more feasible to link existing systems? What are the extra dangers/benefits? How best to argue/organise against such schemes? Tricky tricky tricky.

Also mentions the Canadian study into ID cards in Europe, which I must take a look at later.

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