Tuesday, January 20, 2004

BBC NEWS | England | Shropshire | Bomb 'joke' student jailed: A BA spokeswoman said: "We will strongly advise all passengers not to make any remarks which could be misinterpreted. American authorities take this sort of thing very seriously."

Yes, this is only fair, because terrorists will ACTIVELY STATE THAT THEY ARE HIDING A BOMB. "Hi, I'm here to blow a plane up. Do you mind awfully?"

When the paranoid are the leaders, every citizen is a suspect. When the citizens accept they are suspected, the paranoid can do whatever they like.

The really really sad part about this story is that I can bet, upon re-telling it to friends, at least some of them will agree with the side of the airport authorities. Perhaps this is a lost cause. Or perhaps I have the wrong friends... ;)

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