Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Customers of Air New Zealand might not be able to queue for the toilet on flights, as the grouping of people might cause a security concern/freak out other passengers.

Grepped from the comments in the kuro5hin report on Samantha Marson being jailed after joking about having a bomb in her bag. Most of the comments seem to be that she deserved it.

Ok, I understand that there is a time and a place for jokes, and that she should have perhaps received some "wrist-slap" for her stupidity, but the fact that she's being held in Miami is just another brick in the wall of statist clampdown. This is becoming the norm, and it generates more paranoia as the people its affecting - the customers and the public and the innocent (as we should define them according to a civilised, "free" culture) - as they question it less and less. I've probably said it before, but once the authorities no longer have any accountability, and once the governed have no interest in how they are being managed, then the power will go to the wrong heads, and the public and the innocent will be the ones to suffer. What goes around, comes around.

Democracy, or any "organised hierarchy", is nothing without accountability, transparency and two-way communication between the governers and the governed. There must be trust, and there must be an audit trail. Without either, the solutions that the system sets out to discover are smudged and obscured, the leaders are not in a position to make decisions, and the people are not in a position to judge.

I have long realised that I am not an "anarchist" in the true sense. I believe in a flat hierarchy (flatter than we have in the UK currently), but I acknowledge that there are a number of pieces to the puzzle of a 'successful' political structure. Transparency is one.

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