Monday, January 19, 2004

I'm thinking about setting up another blog, only this time with a particular bent, a non-personal one. However, I think it's also an opportunity to perhaps experiment with content, and it'd be fun to splice the blog aspect in with a wiki, a forum, and e-mail.

So far, I'm thinking it needs...

- a blog-style front page, with entries that can be a). categorised, and b). commented on, and c). also blog entries. This would be like a specialised version of a "recently updated" wiki page, only specific.
- comments that exist as web-fora, wiki pages, and e-mail discussion lists.
- possibly a slashdot-style moderation/ranking system to allow the site's community to rate different blog posts/wiki pages/forum posts.

In fact, the slashdot code could be a good place to start. Otherwise, I could adopt a simple Perl wiki.

I'm thinking it could be like a uk-politics Slashdot, but I need the time to install and hack some code together...

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