Thursday, January 29, 2004

Nice summary of the Hutton Inquiry in the news - note the Sun's erstwhile and almost-hypocrytical (IMHO, of course ;) reaction, compared to all others'.

If the BBC undergoes major infrastructural changes, I shall be most downhearted. In my view, the organisation proves that a privately-owned business is not necessary for quality, and indeed that, so long as done right, the lack of pressure from stakeholders and economy can free an organisation to explore and investigate ways and means, rather than selfishly motivate it to new "heights". See Sky One for an example of where large businesses produce pap for popularity's sake, rather than any kind of social "pride".

I also find it interesting that people are claiming that the BBC claimed that the government "lied" to the people. In my mind, "sexed-up" is extremely different to out and out untruth. Exaggeration, embellishment (which I think the government tended towards) is something that falsification is not, and the gulf between the two should be emphasised in this case.

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