Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Shock! Horror! Young people intrested in their community more than central government. Maybe someone will have the sense to listen to this, though, despite the ovious statistics:

"Those who watched the most television were least likely to volunteer, although those who watched a large amount of television news were most likely." (well, i think that's obvious, anyway ;)

"Students who were at schools with civic education built into the curriculum proved to be more knowledgeable about civic and political issues"

Lessons to be learned? Politics is about communities. Community is a natural thing. Politics should be simple, accessible and almost intuitive.

Perhaps we should attempt to apply approaches from other industries to politics. For instance, the rules that we try to adhere to with regards to interfaces could apply equally to "complex" systems such as our political infrastructure. Similarly, the evolution of modular and componentised techniques might go across well, too. Perhaps then, we'll see more people being encouraged to get involved in the system.

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