Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Key points of Tony Blair & the House of Commons iaison committee

"The policy had come from hospitals, not Downing Street, after they said they wanted to be freed up from bureaucracy"

There seems to be a complete gap in thinking that public sector = bureaucracy. Many companies suffer from it, so giving them corporate autonomy doesn't necessarily mean that they will work better. What's needed is an overhaul of the the public sector's attitude. Somehow. Why do people entangle this?

"The civil liberties argument continues up until something happens - then people ask why something was not done before."

The "civil liberties argument" tends to offer reasonable international policies as an alternative to just making sure we're safe to do whatever we want. If I have a tank, I can run amok and blow up buildings in town, but there are better ways to go shopping. Handing out weapons to foreign countries for the purpose of battering their own population to death isn't a great policy.

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