Tuesday, February 10, 2004

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Ah, some sense.
"The shadow home secretary has said the government has not proved it can be trusted with people's personal information. In an exclusive interview with ePolitix.com David Davis says there is a case for ID cards but that ministers have not "solved the practical questions" as to how they would work. He argues that previous instances of dirt-digging by the government raise critical civil liberties questions over how ID card data would be used. "I really do think we’ve got to be very careful about how we allow data of that sort to be handled by ordinary civil servants and the political classes," he said. "


- The Commons trade and industry select committee publishes a report on the UK broadband market.

- Commons Chamber: Presentation of bill: Sleep Apnoea Bill

- Westminster Hall, 11am: ("On the...", I assume) Reclassification of cannabis
- Westminster Hall, 4pm: Government policy on media intellectual property rights

- Trade and Industry Committee, 9.15am: The knowledge driven economy

- Home Affairs Committee, 2.30pm: Identity Cards

- Standing Committee F: Further to consider the Civil Contingencies Bill

Politics is like TV - something for everyone. Or maybe that's pick'n'mix.

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