Thursday, February 05, 2004

Reading through the responses at the BBC Have Your Say's "Are new anti-terrorism laws necessary?" page. Posts such as

"The threat of terrorism is the world we live in now. New laws are needed to help protect ourselves against these evil people. It's just a fact these days."


"After watching a rather intriguing programme called "Crisis Control", I feel that these laws should be implemented. After the tragic events in America in September 2001, I would advise the government to take every precaution necessary to counteract a major threat."

really demonstrate the simplistic, paniced thinking that gets these laws into place so readily. The "Civil Liberties" groups, that many of the people for terrorist laws admonish, realise that a). terrorism isn't just "something that happens", that people aren't just guilty of wishing to blow things up just because their religion demands it, and that the world is one much bigger mess than we're intended to see on the news.

Let the cowards hide behind walls of police in a concrete bunker, drinking wine until the nice happy cows come home.

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