Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Rsing hell, I challenge anyone sane to read through this page and not go woozy at the word "Portal" for evermore...

"A Portal Server Portal instance is a com.arsdigita.portalserver.PortalSite"

What is it about OO coding that encourage people to use the same word repeatedly? Shouldn't there be something in coding conventions to make different objects clear when reading through docs and/or code and to not make the developer go loopy? %)

I have decided that, at some point, coding is going to become so abstract that a). it has to be generated automatically, as it's surpasses the in-built capacities for comprehension the human brain adheres to, and b). it occupies its own area of the space-time continuum, where what the code is doing is ridiculously unrelated to what's happening either at the CPU-instruction level (which remain predominantly procedural), or at the user-interface level. This space, or "paradigmia" (hard or soft "g"), exists purely for its own benefit, as the CPU cares not what it is given, and the user just wants the thing to work. As human developers have been taken out of the loop, nobody needs to understand the way in which the system has been designed. (Apart from perhaps the auto-autocode coder, but that's just another generic.)

Of course, once we have that, we should also have automagic optimisers, which will decide that all this OO stuff is unecessary if it's just going to be converted into asm in the end, and all we'll have is an asm VM. Theoretically, of course - we won't have to see any of it...

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