Monday, March 29, 2004

Bloody hell, I remember following this years ago, even subscribing to the mailing list, and then thinking it'd be another good-inentioned vapourware. Looks like I was wrong :) and it's looking pretty sleek. Doodlable webpages, motion sensor, connectivity, Linux. Mm, I think I want one (not said that about a PDA since I first got a Palm, about 4 years ago).

Not sure about the target market though - it was originally intended to help out the developing world swap information easily, as a communal tool, but now it seems to be targetted at the populist consumer market ("listen to MP3 music on-the-go, organize your life, plan your finances" etc). But I guess that's the modern world for you...

Can't work out what software it's running, but here's to take a further look.

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