Monday, March 08, 2004

I started to get interested in this ongoing idea of a Knowledge-Driven Economy, which seems to have a lot of debate around it in Parliament at the moment. The phrase itself sums up vague estimations, alongside my own utopian ideal of hackers and geeks running the world %) but I'm sure that's quite a cry from what's being discussed.

Google throws up a link to Intellect, and their Knowledge Driven Economy page. Unfortunately, this seems to consist of a large number of wavy-hand lexical abuses and very little actual "things". It does, however, have some useful links, possibly.

According to a Government Press Release, the main objectives are:

  • Increased competition from low-cost economies using new technologies, highly educated and skilled workforces and mobile capital

  • The development of new products, processes and services

  • The introduction of electronic commerce

  • The development of science and knowledge bases to underpin the new technologies available to industry

Well, that's a start. Research will continue, and opinions will be formed.

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