Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday morning thoughts, inspired by Start the Week...

1) The "war on terror" has become branded, in the vein of so many ad campaigns before it. Are the Powers That Be deliberately trying to infuse our minds such that when we think of "terrorism", we think "Al-Qaeda"? It seems that the possibility of a terrorist organisation springing up within the US is laughable now - but is it? Meanwhile, there is certainly plenty of evidence that terrorist groups exist in Europe - the IRA, ETA, N17, etc. But nobody's claiming that they strike enough of a threat to set up an EU anti-terrorist effort - at least, not until now. Fortunately for them, they seem to have been largely overlooked, at least in terms of PR attention. The press, and by association, the governments leading "the war" seem to be eager to constantly link any mention of terrorism with eastern fundamentalism, indeed to even go further and to throw the name "Al-Qaeda" about willy-nilly, as if it were one and the same thing as "terrorism".
The name has become a poster child for the fight, and anything other just isn't the same. It's like Sainsbury's Cola.

I haven't yet decided whether this is because it makes it easier for the public or Mr Bush to understand.

2) "Capitalism" itself isn't necessarily a bad thing - I still think that it is fundamentally "misguided" (rather than inefficient). But what seems to be becoming clearer is that what we have in the West is a capitalism born of a military complex. As the lady on "Start the Week" said, Western capitalism has been sculpted through an abundance of technology, which in turn has come about through a constant era of warring faction in Europe. This, plus the resources "unlocked" in America, also originally controlled by Europe. This gives us a twisted reality that mocks the possibly-useful theories of free markets.

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