Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Quiet at the moment - bit busy, bit of a cold, too much nethack, etc. Here's some links to keep the googlebot busy...

W32/Bagle-H has an interesting thing: "W32/Bagle-H sends itself as a password protected ZIP file that is not detected by this identity. However, when unzipped by the user the worm will be detected by Sophos Anti-Virus at the user's desktop." - this would have the added effect of more social engineering intrigue, although perhaps it would also add an extra step to the people's "click-open-boom" mentality that helps viruses to spread so fast - don't give people a chance to think about it.

VoxPolitics has lot sof links I want to catch up on. In reverse order:

Meanwhile, Technorati looks interesting as a kind of "Google of blogging" site.

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