Wednesday, March 31, 2004

>> Quote of the day

More press releases from the Beeb...

"'The security environment has changed since the launch of XP in 2001,' said Matt Pilla, senior product manager for Windows at Microsoft. 'Not only have hackers become more sophisticated and exploits more sophisticated but people are more connected than ever.'"

Which is obviously why the huge majority of hack and virus attacks are stupid trojans and filtering-system bypasses (the latter caused mostly by MS integrating IE with the whole kaboodle. Badly.).

Also irritaingly:
"Before now people irritated by pop-ups have had to resort to other browsers or applications to keep the ads at bay."

Yes, clearly I "resorted" to Mozilla due to IE's deficiencies, not chose to use it because it has standards compliance, extensions, tabbed interface, runs on linux(, probably more secure), etc etc.

Let us also not forget that Microsoft seem quite keen on doing away with pop-up ads in favour of bigger ones...

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