Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Interesting quote from that last article: "The police will not be given new powers and will not be allowed to stop people to ask for their ID cards."

Must read this bill. Meanwhile, here's a bit of a news scrape...

Blunkett not really sure what the cards will do, but they won't stop terrorism.

Clarke says they're for keeping an eye on paedophiles.

Bruce Schneier gets some quoting, and he's one of them people that knows about security and technology (probably as he wrote the books on it).

For some opinion, the Scotsman dismisses the totalitarian regime paranoia, but comes up with some reasoned argument.

The Guardian leads ("Why does such a difficult issue of balancing fundamental civil liberties with the right to protection from terrorists have to be phrased in such macho language?") and Martin Kettle asks some good questions, and is worth reading ("...in spite of its hugely ambitious hi-tech character [...] it is essentially a rather old-fashioned national solution to a set of extremely dynamic international phenomena.").

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