Sunday, April 25, 2004

Just listened to David Blunkett on ID cards, who freely admits that once a database is set-up with biometric information, the card won't be necessary as you just have to take a biometric reading of the person you wanty to identify. Bang goes any point of "not having to carry cards", I see where this is all headed now.

This makes my head spin, not just for the logistics involved, the cost involved, or the lack of trust betrayed. This is about the control of an entire nation - whether it be the cabinet we see at the moment, or a future cabinet with less than beneficent intentions. This is the ability to pinpoint the entire life of any individual that has access to the technology i.e. (even in an ideal scenario) the government. Once the technology for control is there, how can any of us be free of whatever morals, laws and values are imposed on us by those in charge of said technology? How can we live our own lives as individuals under the ever-watchful eye of anybody?

Yes, I realise there are dangerous people out there. Yes, I realise that parania may abound aplenty. But I also realise that those in control, whoever or wherever they may be, are afraid of losing their control. I realise that the solution to any problem we face born of politics and society must find a political solution, not a technological one. All we will achieve through blanket tech-caging is the suppression of what it is to be alive.

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