Thursday, April 15, 2004

Osama Bin Laden's tape message:

BBC's full text as translated by BBC Monitoring
Excerpts as translated by Reuters

Most countries seem happy to continue to label him a terrorist, and that negotiations will not be entered into, despite Mr Bin Laden's blatant attempts to transmogrify into a politician. Hmm, maybe the game's been upped a little - at least Bin Laden seems to speak a little more "sense" than some of the pap that spews forth from the mouths of some world leaders. Doesn't the fact that he's willing to negotiate at all undermine their arguments that "terrorists hate our freedoms?"

I'm confused, Mr Blair. Should I believe you or him? Or should I just stay in my home and watch TV? That way, only one of you can get to me, yes. Damage limitation.

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