Wednesday, April 21, 2004

PC users don't care about security - which we all know. Why should they, in today's culture of individualism and bare necessity, need to know more than what they need to survive?

Still, it ties in neatly with much of what I've been thinking lately - that technology is NOT the end point, that a user shouldn't have to learn anything special to use it, and that just cos being a geek is good, not everyone wants to be one ;)

Having said that though, people learn to drive cars all the time, which aren't particularly user-friendly. Maybe it's a cost vs benefit thing. In terms of security, there aren't any real advantages, at least in regards to immediate feedback or functional improvements, to "being secure".

Have also been thinking about putting up a really simple site for the old Simple Information campaign. An exercise in KISS, kind of thing. (Ideally, people would be able to send off for a CD containing installers for a range of necessary software to install, such as firewalls & virus checkers, etc. And ideally they'd get free updates somehow, too...)

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