Thursday, April 22, 2004

Various BBC items... Must get some other sources ;)

  • So apparently the majority of the East is on our (pro-democracy and gen-u-ine American freedom) side, and it's only a minority. But it's looking increasingly like confidence in the occupying forces is waning.

  • "Public 'happy to carry ID cards'", but not so much to pay what's suggested, nor that the government can get it right (my main reason, from a security viewpoint, for opposing them). Plus if it goes wrong, what are the chances of the prices going up? Of course, this poll will be trumped by Mr Blunkett yadda yadda grr.

  • First time buyers giving up in Scotland, expect the same to happen down here soon.

  • Gel to clear up Acne - another use of technology to justify our beautiful appearances/paranoid delusions? Why not simply... not care about it, and wait til you get over it?

OK, on the happy fun side, I've started to learn XUL (although the link may be broken at the mo), with an eye to building some interesting UI experiments in Mozilla.

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