Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"[Viacom]'s boss Mel Karmazin accused the Federal Communications Commission of being confused about what was considered "indecent" and suggested America's First Amendment, defending freedom of expression, was under threat."

Yup, the whole thing is confused. Maybe we should break cultures down into "show culture" (the image and values "officially" presented by a society) and "subculture" (the image and values that exist on a daily and almost psychological basis).

Interestingly, ID Cards have little or no coverage today. Fickle media. Shame the major news outlets are so far removed from the fora in which the public may really get their teeth into the debate. The BBC tend to link to the iCan project, and that's about it. We have all this interconnnectivity, but corporate politics maybe seem to quash any real integration between where people read, and where people can learn more/have a discussion (not just a one-way say).

I suspect that online news will become more distributed, allowing such integration to become more feasible, but not for a while yet.

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