Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Worst quote ever?: "With these types of attack, if the public are not prepared, this then becomes a weapon of psychological terror"... whereas if we're prepared, then we're no longer frightened, and so technically speaking, they're not terrorists?

Anyway, blah de blah, Blunkett claims he's vindicated, blah blah proof of an attack etc etc. Fortunately for him, he doesn't go into why we're being attacked still ("blah blah, hate our freedoms, etc etc", I suspect) - indeed, targetted by al-Qaeda et al. No no no, politicians can't talk about politics to the public, especially not of an international kind. That would be crazy.

Oh, and to redress the balance, the terrorists are stupid for killing those who are against the coalition too. At least try and aim for the enemy, rather than easy-to-hit public pray (although with more armed police and soldiers on the streets, one could claim that national armed forces were a kind of "local militia" - if we're killing the uprising masses in Iraq legitimately... hmm. Probably not legal, though. Ethically?)

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