Monday, May 10, 2004

Camden Council are the poster-child of the Red Hat driven APLAWS project, probing the future under the umbrella of the national LAWS project. Camden have finally launched their new website based on release 1.0.0 of APLAWS+. Considering that this is now the "standard" (or rather, several standards) for government websites, it's worth taking a look at what the public sector is up to.

I'm glad acessibility is playing a big role, nice one on that - if it didn't people would get sued :) Shame, though, that after all this investment, things such as XML/RSS/RDF feeds aren't offered.

Disclaimer: I have to work with this APLAWS+ thing ;)


Anonymous said...

Actually, RDF feeds are supported in APLAWS, Guernsey use them and soon so will Bristol and GMep. XML feeds may also be supported, I'm just trying to work out how.

nicj at runtime-collective

Scribe said...

Hmm, well that was a year ago... Aplaws has come on a little since then, although 1'm not completely sure how much work has been done on nwe stuff for RSS.

Anyway, the point was that Camden didn't offer RSS feeds of their news items - regardless of whether the system supports it or not. I think there's a big step between users having to go to a siet to check news, and being able to subscribe to local notices from the council along with all their other news sources. Just checked, and there's still no RSS feed from Camden.

Defintely good to see other councils and LAs starting to pick up on them though. More!