Wednesday, May 05, 2004

> > Spamwatch

Nice bit of anti-anti-spam - check this url out:

<a href="">

URL "spoof" a go-go.

The problem is that everyone wants a fool-proof way of defeating spam, while keeping e-mail open to all. Is that mathematically possible? For me, the problem isn't choosing which mail to block, but how to inform non-spammers that you've blocked their mail. I currently don't send a response as it increases mail quantity, which I'm not keen on.

Technically, is there any difference between an unknown person sending an e-mail to a public e-mail they received (effectively) randomly, and a spammer?

I might just bounce any non-white-listed mail to me, with a "failed" error (I consider that ok...), and rely on Google for people to get in touch with me.

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