Friday, May 28, 2004

Watching the watchers...

Blunkett wants sex offenders to take lie tests and be satellite tagged, although the BBC reports that h wants to "extend it to those given community sentences", as well as "strengthen a new database" for all this.

They also have a slightly older piece on movable wifi CCTV cameras.

Anyone that says we're not moving towards an Orwellian, monitored, panoptical society is either lying, or a fool. No matter if Labour or the Tories win the next election (and I doubt it'd be otherwise), the technology will continue to be used, because neither of them realise how to actually run a population. Rather than trying to educate us about anything, the government seems quite happy to scare us into not doing things they don't like us to do, and then locking us up if we do do it. Either way, keeping an eye on all of us, all the time is a major part of it.

Why do I think this is wrong? Because I believe in the individual, and the responsibility that goes along with it. If the state exists solely to remove any hint of the personal and the individual, then it no longer has any purpose. I could work hard, buy things, have a family and a house, and stay out of "trouble", or I could just decide for myself what's "right" and what's "wrong". As it is, I'm not too trusting of anything the government wants, if it's not existing as an agent of the people in the first place.

Mental note: commit more "real" time to alternative infrastructures, both technical and political. Maybe it's time to exercise freedoms, rather than just think about them.

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