Friday, May 14, 2004

Wow, apparently the Bush admin (John Ashcroft, et al) is suing Greenpeace - i.e. the organisation, rather than individuals (as usually happens) - for boarding a ship, under a 19th century law to stop prostitutes from boarding ships in order to rob them.

I'm not really sure what to make of it. Companies, as legal entities in their own right, get sued all the time obviously, and the company can be seen to "bear responsibility" for its employees. Personally, I don't like that - I think it detracts from personal responsibility - but how does it affect organisations?

Furthermore, I'm kind of aware that no matter how much I want something to be done, there's probably extremely little I can do, it being all in the US. The original e-mail links to a petition, but I'm always sceptical of those things. Same with all the US/EU copyright et al entanglings - it feels like the world is getting smaller, and things overseas have more and more effect here or elsewhere, but there aren't any structures in place to deal with it. We have globalised industry, but not globalised civil politics.

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