Sunday, June 06, 2004

Back from Notcon, what a day... Got some notes (to tidy up & to type in...) over the next few days, some really interesting stuff (check the link above for the talks that were on) but here's some good links for now...

Quickly for now, highlights (and there were so many to choose from) were...

  • The lot behind Fax Your MP, Public Whip, MySociety, et al (see here announced, a huge rehash of the Hansard Society site to add better searching, better styling, RSS feeds, and other rather cool stuff.

  • Bill Thompson of the BBC, Cory Doctorow of the EFF and Will Davies, I think, on the politics of the internet, where it fits, and what fits into it. How we should go forward with it, how it affects democracy et al.

  • Brewster Kahle talking about archiving the entire fscking world - first for the, but also every piece of music software, film, TV, etc in the public domain, and many that aren't. Mentioned some ridiculously huge public music library, plus the insane task of recording everything from dozens of worldwide news channels and storing it on disk - something they're currently doing, but not releasing to the public yet (although they do seem to have tons of stuff at already). Mosaic looks really cool. Also the plan is to have back-ups and data swaps with the new Library of Alexandria, then create more (5 or 6?) of these "storage places" around the world. Wow. Definitely going to pay a closer look at now.

  • Alex McLean playing with a dozen xterms, editing some files in real time (a custom, perl-based text editor?) to produce Gabba music - seriously impressive, have video, will post (probably not very useful without exaplanation though :)

Annoyances: had to miss out on all the p2p encrypted anonymous network stuff, and got there too late to work out where everything was, so missed Danny O'Brien talking about "Life Hacks" (the Smart Disorganized Individual tribe would have loved it though, I gather... :)

Tired now. Bed time.

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