Sunday, June 13, 2004

Weird, for some reason this never made it out of draft status. So I'm going to publish it now, and see where it turns up on my blog - could be a new post, or inserted way down below. I'm not really sure... Exciting, eh?


North Korea continues to develop nukes, taking it's lesson from action in Iraq, it seems: "We cannot but wake up to all those attempts to divide and devour our country like they did Iraq", which does, I admit, make sense, from a particular viewpoint.

While my initial reaction was to consider the stupidity of the cold war, my current thoughts turn to Doctor Seuss' book describing 2 factions warring over which way up bread should be buttered. (And yes, I know that was all a cold war parody - it made the point beautifully. though...)

What's the West gonna do, eh? Attack? But they Koreans are so willing to talk...

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