Monday, July 26, 2004

Africa enters the Matrix

The Matrix was a good trilogy, but I'd like to see it again properly because it seems that I'm drawing increasingly more analogies between it and the real world. Take for instance, this article (via Slashdot) on Africa seizing a share of the IT Outsourcing market. Contrast the images it throws up, of countries governments dedicating their resources to build up efficient communication infrastructures, and architecture to house massive call centres (like the ones over here - soon to be bingo halls?), with the CG visions of fields of human power in the films - the rows and rows of individuals all waiting to power some harvesting energy that depends on them.

Some say that the "human as a battery" theory in the Matrix was a dodgy plot hole. But with the rest of the films being allusions to religion, philosophy and a general look at who we are, perhaps this is slightly more subtle poke at who (or what) we've become in the world we've created - a world in which our buildings and our cities are testament to the much, much larger - "global" - system that we've pulled over our eyes, but that depends on us to keep it going. Are we really alive, or are we just sources of power?

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