Wednesday, July 14, 2004

'Serious flaws'

BBC coverage of the Butler Report on Iraq: Lord Butler's main findings were:
  • The 45 minutes claim was 'unsubstantiated'

  • No individuals were to blame for failures

  • Intelligence had been pushed to the 'outer limits but not beyond'

  • There was no deliberate distortion of intelligence by politicians

  • Limits of intelligence not 'made sufficiently clear' in September 2002 dossier"

  • So... "serious failing"s, but no-one's to blame? This kind of concretes into place my growing suspicion that much of our country - and, to mirror it, the US - is run by the "invisible hand of government". That is to say that there is so much implied within the echelons of administration that an atmosphere or an "emotion" can be maintained without anyone having to express it in words, anywhere. This is possibly why the report could conclude that "there was no evidence of 'deliberate distortion' of intelligence by politicians."

    The report's conclusion is hypocritical, incomplete. The Government should be responsible for not asking questions of the intelligence agencies, just as the intelligence agencies should have questioned themselves more, and just as - to a lesser extent, perhaps - the BBC should have questioned their "facts" that culminated in the Hutton inquiry. To say that the 'system is at fault', but that individuals aren't is merely a wuss-out clause.

    I also like the way this gets spun by Tony: "I cannot honestly say I believe getting rid of Saddam was a mistake at all. Iraq, the region, the wider world is a better and safer place without Saddam." - yup folks, reasoning for going to war now includes personal instinct and gut emotion. Next time you've got a pretty good feeling that someone presents a threat to you (as I do with many people I pass on the street), just have them "eliminated". Remember, they'd probably just beat up or stab someone else.

    Oh, and in the meantime, how about we, uh, stop selling £992m-worth of arms to countries whose policies we don't approve of, for instance? (Figure before discount, I suspect.) [Amnesty, more Guardian] Wouldn't that help in some way?


    Anonymous said...


    Along with sellign arms to stupid countries how about not trading in nuclear weapons with the US especially as UK is about to renew our treaty (can't remember what it's called - the no nuclear weapons treaty). Twats.

    Anonymous said...

    test, whoop.