Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Update on Yusuf Islam ne Cat Steven's no-fly FBI ordeal - page 1 reveals just how shady the no-fly list still is, and page 3 hints at how anyone can unwittingly become a terrorism supporter these days (as I figured elsewhere).

Next week is Local Democracy week, and looks like politics is going the speed dating way. Question is, should democracy cater to a dumbed-down, television-fed audience in order to entice them in and make it more relevant, or will such tactics mean we end up with a dumbed-down yet-still-centrally-controlled system that achieves relatively little?

My current printfest comes from co-intelligence.org, which is looking intriguing. Hope to cover some of the things in here more prominently at a later date, but I like to alert people to this kind of thing anyway. Link goodness, mmm.

Have a good day...

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