Tuesday, November 23, 2004

BBC suffers odd image attack

Apparently even a "malicious program" has to look like a posing lady these days... Smartphones suffer Skulls attack. p.s. back from Barcelona.

Friday, November 19, 2004

In Absentia?

Checking the date of my last post against the penultimate one, I notice
my blogging's becoming quite sporadic at the moment.

Why? Busy, busy, busy. Work, work, work. Maybe this is why nobody else I
know keeps a blog - I'm just slack.

It's not all bad though. I've been venturing into the worlds of
international software projects, the Realm of the Businessman, Amsterdam
hotels and the art of living. I've also been working on the MUD a fair bit, too.

Out of all of this I'm developing a greater sense of the world, and
asking questions that I probably wouldn't have asked otherwise. Such
as... What's the best social infrastructure to organise information (a
la Wiki vs Webpage, but on a grander scale)? What do I *need* to do,
compared to what I *want* to do, compared to what I *should* do? Why are
companies deemed more important than people? Where should philosophical
education come from, and what should it aim for?

So, everything's bubbling under. I still have that link to Geek Credit open, waiting to
be explored thoroughly, and normal service should be resumed in my lifetime.

Fair and share

Spot the Runtime

Monday, November 08, 2004

Race to the top

Outsourcing is good for UK Business, says CBI. The article states that we've been exporting services more than importing them, i.e. our skilled workforces are being outsourced from abroad.

But where does this leave us long term still? Are we in a race to the top, between our education system and the education systems of cheap, developing nations? Is the answer to continue to push people into further education, probably at their own expense?

Hmm, a knowledge-based class system in the making. Finally! ;)

Proving Ground

Looks like the 3G battle is on this week, in the run-up to Christmas, with Vodafone splashing out 100m quid on their launch frenzy.

An unnamed analyst told The Observer this Sunday: "If it doesn't work out, [Vodafone] is toast."

From my point of view (which admittedly may be biased, twisted, bitter and wrong), the demand for 3G isn't exactly great - people have phones and they're not chomping at the bit to get streamed video. However, maybe it's one of those things where the *real* killer applications will only crop up once the technology is readily available... the next few months could actually be quite interesting.

I'm sticking to my ol' tin can and string, though.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

A global democracy

Well, the votes are in, Kerry's out and the Internet is awash with global sentiment as to the state of the world. Here's a fantastic sample from a mailing list I'm on, anonymity preserved...

Re: fuck bush

sorry i don't speak english. I'm french but me too i FUCK BUSH AND FAMILY. bye bye!!!

Thank God us lefties are so much more civilised, eh?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

3G Sucks

...well, at least streaming video does. Why? Because no-one wants portable video rant rant etc etc. Finally, some market research, rather than just market searching.


Update: BBC coverage says:

"[Jupiter analyst] Mr Fogg said portable video players were likely to remain a niche product that would not be able to compete with devices dedicated to music playback."

Sometimes I hope the 3G companies fail, just because they're missing the point of perhaps one of the most revolutionary communication updates ever. I repeat. 3G is not crap. Forcing streaming video over 3G because you can't figure out a better payment system is crap.

Give people access to the 3G nets, and the ability to produce their own services, and it'll go far. That, and input/output convergence - use the device as a channel, rather than an endpoint. Let me stream stuff from one point, through the device, and out onto a nearby presentation device, such as a stero/PC/TV.

The desire to choke content in order to squeeze blood money out is going to kill the communications/content business.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Required Reading

Halloween's over, but I'm still spooked out. I actually respect the words of a guy who probably masterminded the deaths of a few thousand American citizens more than I respect any of the campaign propaganda coming out of the mouths of either of the US presidential hopefuls. Depressing and scary. Maybe it's time to move to Sweden...

Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech at Al Jazeera, or maybe some CNN version if you're that way inclined. Check the differences though.

Oh, and BBC Coverage seems to offer similar, saying:

"In that tape, although not made for public consumption, [OBL] revealed himself to be a thoughtful operator as well as a dedicated fighter.

Just as he did in this latest tape.

...although the focus in the media still seems to be on the fact that Bin Laden is making immediate threats and claiming responsibility for 11/9/01. Ho hum.

Have we really lost that much insight within our media and political systems?